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Dr. Alexander van der Haven
Senior Research Fellow

Alexander van der Haven (PhD History of Religions, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2009) is a senior research fellow in the European Research Council collaborative research group on Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe, adjunct full professor of religious studies at Webster University St. Louis, and external lecturer in the general studies unit of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

He will contribute to the project by researching Jewish translations as cultural exchange in the early modern Dutch Republic, one of early modern Europe’s most important Jewish cultural centers and the site of intensive inter-religious and inter-cultural exchange. Van der Haven will focus on and research translations into Yiddish and Hebrew of non-Jewish texts in Dutch, and also in other languages. Examples are Yiddish translations of Dutch fiction and poetry; Moses ben Abraham Avinu’s translations into Yiddish and Hebrew of the New Testament, texts about geography, and newspaper reports; a Qur’an translation into Hebrew based on Glazenmaker’s Dutch translation of the Qur’an; and Leyb ben Oyzer’s translation of Coenen’s Ydele verwachtinge der Joden into Yiddish.


Selected recent publications: 
•    “Jewish-Christianity and the Confessionalization of Amsterdam’s Seventeenth-Century Portuguese Jewish Community.” Cadernos de Estudos Sefarditas 20 (1st semester 2019): 105–131.
•    שרה האשכנזיה, מלכת השבתאים. Sabbateanism Series. Tel-Aviv: Idra Academic Publishers, 2018, second impression 2019.
•    “Predestination and Toleration: The Dutch Republic’s Single Judicial Persecution of Jews in Theological Context.” Renaissance Quarterly 71 no. 1 (Spring 2018): 165–205.
•    “Comparison, Practice, and Meaning: Martin Riesebrodt’s Theory of Religion.” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion: Working Papers from Hannover. Supplements to Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 8. Ed. Steffen Führding. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2017: 27–37.
•    “God as Hypothesis: Daniel Paul Schreber and the Study of Religion.” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion: Working Papers from Hannover: 176–198. 
•    “Beyond the Modern Self: Madness and Divine Communion in Fin-de-siècle Germany.” Religion und Wahnsinn um 1900: Zwischen Pathologisierung und Selbstermächtigung. Religion and Madness Around 1900: Between Pathology and Self-Empowerment. Diskurs Religion: Beiträge zur Religionsgeschichte und religiösen Zeitgeschichte 14. Eds. Lutz Greisiger Sebastian Schüler, and Alexander van der Haven. Baden-Baden: Ergon, 2017: 69–100.
•    “Conversion on Trial: Toleration of Apostasy and the Hoorn Trial of Three Converts to Judaism (1614–5).” Contesting Inter-Religious Conversion in the Medieval World. Ed. Yaniv Fox and Yosi Yisraeli. London/New York: Routledge, 2016: 41–60.
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•    “The War and Transcendental Order: Critique of Violence in Benjamin, Canetti, and Daniel Paul Schreber.” Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte 43 (2015): 115–144.