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Dr. Yakov Z. Mayer
Post-doctoral Researcher
Yakov Z. Mayer was a postdoctoral researcher in the collaborative research group on Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe, funded by the European Research Council (ERC). His research interests include history of the book, material history, Talmud and Jewish law in the medieval and early modern world. Mayer submitted his PhD to Tel Aviv University in 2018.


Selected Publications:

  • A Medieval Manuscript in the Printing Workshop – The 1523 Venice Edition of the Palestinian Talmud and its Printer’s Copy. Magnes Press: Jerusalem [forthcoming] (Hebrew) 

  • “A Commentary on Idra Rabba from the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century: Study and Editon”, Kabbalah 45 (2019), pp. 109-156 (Hebrew)

  • “Crying at the Florence Baptistery Entrance – A Testimony of a Traveling Jew”, Renaissance Studies 33.3 (2018), pp. 441-457

  • “From Material History to Historical Context – the Case Study of MS Vatican Ebr. 133 of the Palestinian Talmud”, Zion 83.3 (2018), pp. 277-321 (Hebrew)

  • “The Greatest Book of our Generations – The scholarly Oeuvre of Yaakov Nachum Epstein”, Katharsis 28 (Dec. 2017), pp. 102-111 (Hebrew)

  • “The Devil, The Taz and Shabbetai Sevi – A Late Polish Hasidic Tale”, El Prezente 10 (2016). pp. 95-103

  • “The Introduction to the Zohar - Text, Structure and Editing”, Kabbalah 33 (2015). pp. 153-181 (Hebrew)


  • (with A. Van der Haven) “A Halakhic Fragment from a Book Binding in Leiden Library”, in Andreas Lehnardt (ed.), European Genizah: Newly Discovered Hebrew Binding Fragments in Context. European Genizah Texts and Studies, Volume 5, (Boston and Leiden: Brill, 2020) pp. 36-42

  • “Rav Hamnuna and Rashbi, Between Ashkenaz and Sepharad”, in: Y. Liebes et al (ed.), The Zoharic Narrative, Yad Ben Zvi Printing Press, 2017, pp. 445-462 (Hebrew)

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