Prof. Iris Idelson-Shein
Iris Idelson-Shein is an associate professor in the department of Jewish History, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Her research interests include cultural translation, Old Yiddish literature, science, gender, and the body in early modern Ashkenaz. Idelson-Shein received her PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2011, and has held visiting positions at Goethe University in Frankfurt, LMU Munich, and the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies in Philadelphia. She is co-editor of “German Jewish Cultures,” a book series published by Indiana University Press and a member of the Israel Young Academy.

Raya Even David holds a BA from Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she studied Judaism and Education. She has leadership training, experience in group facilitation and has taught both adult education, young adults and children in various informal Jewish frameworks. Raya has been employed in the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev since 2018 as the administrative manager of the Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters. Bi-Lingual in Hebrew and English, she can be reached at
Raya Even-David
Administrative Manager
Dr. Roni Cohen
Post-Doctorial Researcher
Roni Cohen submitted his Ph.D. dissertation to the Department of Jewish History at Tel-Aviv University. His research focuses on popular culture in European Jewish communities of the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. He is particularly interested in Jewish texts that were not necessarily written only for rabbinic elites, but for a relatively wide and varied audience. Within the JEWTACT project Roni will be investigating the putative connection between the rise of Yiddish musar (lit. moral) literature in the sixteenth century, and the corresponding genre of German conduct literature.
Ahuvia Goren
Doctoral Researcher
Ahuvia Goren studies Jewish attitudes to Renaissance humanism and the "scientific revolution." His dissertation deals with skepticism among Italian Jews in the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from the perspectives of the cultural history of knowledge and the history of the book.  
Dr. Tamar Nadav
Post-Doctorial Researcher
Tamar Nadav-Bronstein submitted her Ph.D dissertation at Laboratoire ICT, Univeristé de Paris (France) ‎and the Department of History, University of Haifa (Israel). Her ‎research interests lie in the study of medieval medicine from religious, cultural, and scientific perspectives. At JEWTACT she will be investigating the Hebrew translations of Latin medical texts on plague and pestilential fevers, from the Black Death to the rise of print. Using these texts as a case study, she seeks to reconstruct the complex identity of the Jewish translator-physician in medieval and early modern France and Italy, and examine the impact of his threefold identity as a translator, a scholar and a practicing physician.
Mellanie Plewa
Masters Student
Mellanie Clara Plewa is writing her MA thesis within the context of the research project on Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe. Her thesis investigates translations of Christian catechisms for Jews in the sixteenth century. She holds an MA in Catholic Theology from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, and a BA in Jewish History from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
Dr. Ossnat Sharon-Pinto
Post-Doctorial Researcher
Ossnat Sharon-Pinto is a post-doctoral researcher in the field of early modern Jewish cultural history. Her research explores the intersection of literature and implicit cultural concepts such as self, space and history. Her MA thesis was completed at the Hebrew University under the supervision of Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem and Prof. Israel Yaacov Yuval. Her PhD dissertation, titled "The Emergence of the Self in Early Modern Jewish Travelogues: A Literary Perspective" written under the supervision of Prof. Dina Stein and Dr. Zur Shalev, was submitted to Haifa University in November 2021.


Dr. Magdaléna Jánošíková
Post-doctoral Researcher

Magdaléna Jánošíková was a postdoctoral researcher at JEWTACT during the years 2019-2021. Her research project explored the topic of medicine and Jews.
Dr. Tamir Karkason
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Tamir Karkason was a postdoctoral researcher at JEWTACT during the years 2019-2021. His research project explored the topic of Ladino translations.
Dr. Yakov Z. Mayer
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Yakov Z. Mayer was a postdoctoral researcher at JEWTACT during the years 2019-2021. His research project explored translation and cultural transfer among Jews and Christians in the Italian-speaking realm during the sixteenth century.